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Pornstar Sammie Daniels

Sammie Daniels

Sammie Daniels


Tantric, Bukkake, Penetration (Protected), Face Sitting


Kentucky, United States of America


79 lbs (36 kg)


4 ft 11 in (150 cm)

Date of Birth



Sammie was born in Kentucky, in a quaint little place called Bardstown, otherwise known as The Most Beautiful Small Town in America. She weighs less than 80lbs, and that’s even after she’s swallowed some loads or taken a hefty creampie in her pussy. This girl stands at only 4’11”, meaning she barely has to lean forward to put a raised dick in her mouth, keeping her sweet knees pristine. This itty blonde super teen is a guaranteed testicle winner for everyone into the young, the fun, and the drippin’ wit’ cum. Sammie is so young and adorable, you just want to bite every inch of her perfect fuck flesh. She’d make the perfect little teddy bear for your cock to cuddle with all night. What makes her super sexy isn’t only her bitty bee-sting tits, or that firm, warm little mound of a tush; it’s also the depraved joy she takes in being a super slut. Being surrounded by clean air, pure water, and the beautiful small town setting must have something to do with Sammie being so hot and tiny herself. Sammie loves getting balls-to-chin-deep in her cute suck jobs. You could literally give Sammie a piggyback on the end of your dick, she’s so light. They say the best things come in tiny packages, and we’ll be damned if Sammie Daniels isn’t just the best piece of petite ass on the planet. Equally, she loves shoving her whole face in some snatch and rubbing those vagina beans with her button nose.

Last Known Location

New Jersey, USA

Favourite Movie

Peeping Tom